There are so many who don’t know God or who are not a part of any church in Battle Creek!  This is why there’s room for more churches here, especially ones that are committed to biblical outreach and evangelism.  We believe that church planting initiatives stir up excitement for outreach, train Christians in evangelism and discipleship, and reach people who don’t know Christ in ways that established churches cannot.  We’re looking for help.  Will you join us?


A group of churches called the OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church) Presbytery of Michigan and Ontario is behind this initiative.  The members of these Presbyterian and Reformed congregations love Battle Creek and its people and want to see a new church planted here.


The OPC denomination (Orthodox Presbyterian Church) is a Bible-believing, Christian, Protestant denomination founded in 1936 with the goal of faithfully preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our over 325 congregations are divided into 16 regions throughout the United States and Canada called “presbyteries.”  

The word “Orthodox” doesn’t refer to the Greek or Russian Orthodox Churches.  Instead, it comes from the Greek language—ortho meaning “straight” or “right” and dox meaning “thought.”  The OPC works hard to "think straight” about God and his word, the Bible, which we hold as our ultimate authority.  We also subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms as a secondary standard, believing it to be a useful and faithful summary of the most important teachings of the Bible, even while being open to changing it wherever it could more faithfully represent the Scriptures.


We believe that local churches are to be governed by elders who meet the biblical qualifications for the office and are elected by each local congregation.  Together, the elders provide the spiritual leadership of the church as they teach and shepherd the flock.  Among those called to be elders, certain ones are set apart as pastors, teachers, or evangelists, and are usually supported financially; we call them “pastors” or “ministers.”

We think that the best way to govern Christ’s churches is through the oversight provided by sessions (elders who serve as governing bodies of local congregations), each of which is part of a presbytery (a regional group of churches working together).  Following the pattern of the early Christian church in the New Testament, all of our churches support and collaborate with one another in what we call our denomination.  

To learn more, please click through to our denomination's website (www.opc.org).

To learn more about Grace & Peace, contact Rev. Markus Jeromin:

(269) 808-4287 | graceandpeacebattlecreek@gmail.com

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